Trump names Mike Flynn national security adviser

Trump names Mike Flynn national security adviser:

Steve Sniegoski wrote:

Lt. General Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser,  seems pro-peace with Russia but is very hostile to Iran and co-authored book with neocon Michael Ledeen—“Field of Fight..

Raimondo favorable to Flynn– focuses on Sunnis

Lobe on Flynn—Flynn’s hostility to Iran

Flynn’s  hositility toward Iran and his connection to ultra-neocon Michael Ledeen

Larison—Discusses Trump’s relation with ultra-neocon Michael Ledeen and the book the twosome wrote: “Field of Fight”

Liberal Brookings finds Flynn being combination of realist and neocon—makes use of Flynn-Ledeen book..


Steve Sniegoski

Jewish JINSA Neocon Michaeal Ledeen pushed Iraq war for Israel as well (see following URL):

Bush is Intent on Painting Allies and Enemies in the Middle East as Evil:

Following URL includes the video of viewer call for ‘JINSA Jack’ Keane on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ as Keane was offered Secretary of Defense by Trump but didn’t accept:

CIA’s Mike Scheuer on Israel and Iraq war as terrorism motivation:

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